Worldwide Babies – A WYD Challenge


Hello there, Simmers of the world! Welcome to this perilous adventure throughout a “Who’s Your Daddy?” Challenge!

“Who’s Your Daddy?” is a The Sims 3 challenge whose rules as been adapted by Stircraxy from CSquared’s rules for The Sims 2. The main aim is to get your sim mommy to have 26 babies (or more) with 26 different daddies, each of which should have a particular and unique characteristic (one dad has red hair, one is a doctor, one is a ghost…).

Here is the link to the rules, but let me do a small recap:

  1. You can choose traits and appearance of the soon-to-be mommy, and once she’s settled in a lot, you aren’t allowed to move her.
  2. She can (must) lives a life long enough to bear 26 children, so it’s green light to Young Again potions and Ambrosia. Yay!
  3. She must marry some time between the Child birthday of her firstborn and the birth of the 14h baby. The husband must be a Non Playable Character, and he must live a ling life, too. He can’t be intentionally killed and you can’t let him die.
  4. The mom isn’t allowed to call a babysitter; husband and teenage children can, but only if they leave the lot to go to work.
  5. Half of the conception must happen on the home lot, and at least one birth must result in twins/triplets.

I’m not playing for points – only for fun and to take a break from those ten generations legacy games that takes hours to load – so I will use Life Time Rewards, but I will still try to count them and to achieve some goals like “A father who is a father” or not using service sims, although I’m reserving myself the right to change idea! Also, I did not add to town sims with strange genetics like red skin or green hair, like it should be done, because I find them creepy. Each baby will have all of her/his traits chosen or rolled, but not a mix of the two methods.

One final note: I’m Italian, so, english mothertongues, forgive my mistakes, please! It’s very probable you will see a lot of them, especially in the use of preposition and in the lexis, because most of my english comes from TV series and medical textbooks… I will welcome with extreme joy every correction you’re willing to offer me! Actually, I shyly ask you to correct me as much as possible!

Probably, you will also notice that I’ll try to use as many Italian names as possible. Well, I truly love my country! But the theme of the baby’s names is “Places in the world”, so my language isn’t going to be used very much, with the only probable exception of our founder…

Meet Virginia Mondiale, and follow her in this adventure, right from the start!

2 Responses to "Welcome!"

I just started your legacy, but looking at the rules-WOW! I’m excited to see how it goes 🙂

Well, you know, lot of babies, men and family drama! 🙂 I will take a look at you legacy, too, and thank you for reading!

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Worldwide Babies

Worldwide Babies is a The Sims 3 Who's Your Daddy? Challenge: one mom must have babies with 26 different fathers, each of them fulfilling a different requisite. The challenge follows a theme: the mom and the babies have names somewhat linked to "Places in the World", may that be nations, cities, famous locations... Have fun!